I got up this morning and felt like for the first time in a week or so I had time to breathe... I didn't have to rush to catch my train, but actually had the time to get ready, have breakfast, and make myself some tea before leaving for my first class. Instead of throwing on whatever is on top in my closet I carefully picked my outfit for the day and when I walked out of the door I knew it would be a good day. 

Earlier that morning I sat down with a cup of tea, passing some time on stumbleupon, and I found this picture:

And it is true. 

Something clicked in my brain. Something that told me that I am okay. I am who I am, and I am okay with that. Yes, I spend a lot of time carefully picking out my clothes and then changing last minute into something 'comfy'. I am not a stylish dresser. I wear my hair in a bun almost everyday. I don't experiment with make-up, and I wear my boyfriend's sweatshirt to bed. I start to panic when I have to dress up for an event and most days I feel uncomfortable in my own skin. But that's me and you know what? It could be worse. I am fine with who I am when no one is looking, so why shouldn't I feel the same way when people are around? Everyone has flaws and once you accept them it is not that bad. I'm not saying that my whole attitude has changed today, but I made a step in the right direction. I felt good, and that is a feeling I want to keep. For today, tomorrow, next month, and the future...

And until then, check out how other people found their way. Look at this article by Amy Poehler, she knew what she wanted and went for it.

Another interesting thing I recently read is this Harpers Bazaar article that shows that even Madonna doesn't always feel comfortable in her own skin. 

Yesterday I stumbled upon a blog called Listful Thinking, and I absolutely love it. Stephanie writes with such a great attitude and shares moments that most of us can identify with. So make sure and check it out...

And then of course there is Leandra who says it like it is, for example with this blog post.


  1. That is definitely the truth!

    Being happy with who you are is one of the things in life I think everyone should strive for.

    Hmm maybe...

  2. This is beautiful. It's so great that you enjoy your own company. Radical self love!